Risqué business: first Mr Gay China shows new, more public face of LGBT

来自 the guardian 报道

Meng Fanyu has been voted China’s first ever Mr Gay, after a previous attempt to hold the competition in 2010 was shut down.

Meng Fanyu won the inaugural Mr Gay China in a landslide, and sees it as a way ‘to raise awareness of the LGBT community’. Photo: Tantou/Mr Gay China.

In a smoky, strobe-lit nightclub in south Shanghai, Meng Fanyu strides out on stage wearing a theatrical get-up of top hat, bow tie and black eyeliner. To the delight of a roaring crowd and their waiting smartphones, he strips down to just black underwear and suspenders to the rousing soundtrack of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.”
But this is no underground club. This is the final in the Mr Gay China competition, a franchise from the international pageant Mr Gay World, and Meng has just been voted as China’s first ever Mr Gay.

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